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Grain Bin Solutions - BinMaster Dust & Flow Detection

Point Level - BinMaster Dust & Flow Detection
The Dust Detect 1000 monitors the flow of emission through small stacks and ductwork. The BM-30 LGX detects dust caused by powders and granulates as well as particulate matter in liquid material such as mists. The Flow Detect 1000 can be used in either solids or powders and is commonly used in grain storage, milling, food processing, plastics manufacturing, and paper mills, as well as in manufactures handling cement and aggregates.

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BinMaster's particulate monitoring system consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor, and a coaxial cable. The system detects dust, powder, granular, and pellets as well as mists....More Details »
Particulate transmitters are personalized by the selection of monitor, probe, and cable to assemble a custom loop powered particulate transmitter.
The Dust Detect 1000 is designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks and emission points being passed through an air filtration system. It easily installs...More Details »
The BinMaster flow detect system consists of a remote sensor probe and a control console. The flow detect system remote sensor probe is a high quality, industrial grade instrument that senses flow...More Details »