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Grain Bin Solutions - Point Level

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BinMaster Point Level Alarms can be used with rotary paddles, capacitance probes, vibrating rods, diaphragm switches, and tilt switches to alert the user to level conditions using an easy-to-read...More Details »
Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos. Rotaries are wired to a horn, alarm, or light panel to send an alert...More Details »
A capacitance probe is a point level indicator, commonly used for high- or low-level detection in a bin, tank, or silo. BinMaster capacitance probes offer fail-safe operation, and they will not...More Details »
The BinMaster vibrating rod point level sensor is used for high and low level indication or plugged chute detection. It can be used in light, fluffy powders and flakes with bulk densities as low as...More Details »
A diaphragm switch works by activating a sensitive micro-switch when material reaches the level of the switch in the bin. The diaphragm switch, used in granular material, is commonly wired to a...More Details »
BinMaster Airbrators and Air Pads are durable and cost-efficient solutions for material flow problems for dry product applications.
The Dust Detect 1000 monitors the flow of emission through small stacks and ductwork. The BM-30 LGX detects dust caused by powders and granulates as well as particulate matter in liquid material...More Details »