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Grain Bin Solutions - BinMaster Diaphragm & Tilt Switch

Point Level - BinMaster Diaphragm & Tilt Switch
A diaphragm switch works by activating a sensitive micro-switch when material reaches the level of the switch in the bin. The diaphragm switch, used in granular material, is commonly wired to a light, horn, alarm, or BinMaster's Point Level Alarm Panel to indicate an alert status. BinMaster’s BM-T Tilt Switch is activated as the material level rises, the switch tips, causing a steel ball within the unit to shift position, creating an alarm condition.

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The BinMaster Diaphragm Switch features simple, rugged construction at an affordable cost. Internal or external mounting options are available, and several options for the diaphragm cover are also...More Details »
These BinMaster Diaphragm Switches are designed for use in hazardous atmospheres charges with combustible dust. They feature simple, rugged construction at an affordable cost. Internal or external...More Details »
The BinMaster Tilt Switch is a cost-effective level indicator that is used to detect high levels of large, heavy materials in bins, tanks, and silos. Alternatively, it can be used to detect plugs...More Details »