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Grain Bin Solutions - BinMaster Rotary Power Pacs

BinMaster Rotary Level Control - BinMaster Rotary Power Pacs
Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos. Rotaries are wired to a horn, alarm, or light panel to send an alert when material reaches the desired level. BinMaster offers the standard BMRX and the fail-safe MAXIMA+ rotary along with a wide assortment of paddles and mounting plates, plus a compact mini-rotary for constrained spaces.

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The BRMX rotary paddle bin level indicator provides reliable point level detection and measurement of dry bulk solids in bins, tanks, silos, hoppers, and conveyors for materials including grain,...More Details »
The MAXIMA+ is BinMaster’s most advanced rotary level indicator featuring a complete fail-safe system that alerts to the loss of power, failure of the motor, or failure of the electronics, making...More Details »
The economical and compact Mini-Rotary is designed for controlling material levels in smaller bins and hoppers that contain plastics, food, seed, chemicals, and other powder and bulk solid...More Details »